Can not name or rename Workflow column

In the root of a Space, when I select “+ New field” and “Workflow”, I see this:


When I click “Add Field”, a column appears with the name “State”. I then select the option to edit the column, change the column name at the top of the subsequent modal, and click “Update Field”. The result is a message stating that I can not rename “mixin” fields:

Is this expected (am I doing something wrong), or is this a UX failure?

Some of the fields can’t be renamed because of technical limitations - State, Documents & Whiteboard extensions, and Assignees

Maybe we have to make it a bit more clear from the UI


Yes. At minimum the “Field name” (as pictured) should be disabled so that it doesn’t appear to be editable. Note that the error message states that I cannot rename the field - which made me think that I could have named it initially when adding it, though I found no way to do so.

Regardless, it would be nice to be able to give a custom name to any column added, including these “Workflow” columns.