Can I make an embedded views listing of unrelated entities aware of the currently viewed entity?

I want to trigger an automation in a collection field or embedded view in a displayed Page entity, but these entities are not related to the viewed entity. Can I still make these entities or the view somehow aware of the currently viewed Page entity, in order to click on their automation button to interact with this currently viewed Page?

There is unfortunately no concept of “viewer context” nor in fact any concept of “UI” or Views at all, available to Automations.

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This is a good candidate for a feature request - something similar to args.currentUser - maybe args.currentView and args.currentEntity.

I would personally find it quite valuable if such a feature applied to Rules as well as Buttons, since I often use Checkboxes instead of Buttons to trigger Automations.

Currently there is the “Fibery Ghost :ghost:” fake User that gets associated with system-triggered Rules; there could be an equivalent “Ghost” or “background” View associated with a Rule’s “trigger context” when it is not triggered from a manual UI action, or there is no “entity context”.

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Indeed. Automations are basically ‘backend’. They don’t know (or care) what any given user was doing/looking at when they were triggered. In fact, there can be situations where no-one is actually using Fibery when they get triggered (e.g. scheduled automations, automations that trigger on a formula field which has been recalculated because the value of Today() has changed…)

I don’t think Fibery will reach the point where an automation can distinguish that a field change was triggered when a user drag’n’dropped an entity between columns in a board view vs the user changing the value via updating a cell in table view.

Similarly, I don’t think that Fibery will support automations that distinguish activity on an embedded view vs any other view.

Of course, never say never!

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Curious, why do you use checkboxes instead of buttons?

Buttons cannot be “clicked” by a script, but Checkbox fields can.