Bug in Japanese input (also Chinese and Korean)

Hello everyone! Could you having a good slow December? :grinning:

I am reporting a bug related to Japanese input.
(Actually, I’ve known about this for more a year, but I’m finally reporting it.)


In Japanese, we use input method to input characters.
This seems to be used for Chinese and Korean, too.

The problem is that this input method presses the Enter key when confirming a character conversion.
At several input points in Fibery, I feel that events are being fired that originate from the Enter key, even though I only want to confirm a character conversion.

This kind of behavior is common in software that does not support Japanese, and I don’t think it can be helped, but since Fibery is a knowledge gathering place, it would be great if this problem could be resolved soon for most users in these country.


Below I report some of the odd behaviors I have found.

Ex1. Editing the title of a new grid view

Pressing the Enter key removes focus from the input field.
Particularly troubling is at 1:09 seconds into the video below.
When I try to enter some text at the beginning of a title that has already been entered, the cursor is at the very back of the line each time I press Enter key.

Ex2. Editing the title of an Entity

When entering text in the Entity title field, pressing the Enter key repeats the text entered twice.

I know that Fibery does not support Japanese yet, but I would appreciate it if you would consider correcting this issue.

Thank you for your cooperation!

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