BUG: Browser forward/back keys ignored in Table views & others

ALT-Right and ALT-Left move the current cell selection in the Table, just like plain Right and Left cursor keys do.

ALSO: Browser Back/Forward Keys are ignored in some other situations, such as when viewing “Database Automations” from a DB “Overview” page (i.e., a page reached by clicking a DB name in the left column).

ALSO: In a DB “Overview” page, if you click Relations to see the popup map, navigating “Back” does not close the Relations popup map (though it does display the previous page).

@Matt_Blais Could you please clarify what behavior do you expect on alt+right / alt+ left in table?

Regarding two other points in comment, we were able to reproduce them and submitted bugs.

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Ideally the browser navigation keys will always perform their navigation function, unless you are actually editing a text field.

So when you are in “cell selection” mode in the Table (i.e. moving, and not actively editing a cell), the browser navigation keys would still perform their normal function.

It seems that issue is actual for Firefox only. In Chrome this case works fine

Actually I am using Chrome. Which case did you not reproduce?

Also in these pages, Ctrl+PgUp and Ctrl+PgDown are trapped and not passed to the browser.

Do you use Windows OS? I’ve checked on MacOs , where ⌘ + [ / ⌘ + ] hotkeys are used for back/forward navigation and they work ok in tables.

Thanks for that observation, I’ll check this case as well

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Yes I am on Windows.