Birthday calendar

So, I have added a birthday field (date field) on my users entities. So I wanted to create a calendar visualization of all the birthdays… but if someone was born on August 23rd 1987, his birthday will appear only on the year 1987, and I wanted to appear every year… I’m I being clear? Is that possible?

Thank you!

Hi there,
I think you can achieve that with a Formula Field. Let’s say your birthday field is called “Birthday”. You can go ahead and create a Formula field named “Birthday this Year” with a formula like this:
“Date(Year(Today()), Month(Birthday), Day(Birthday))”. This will give you the birthday in the current year that you can display in a calendar.

You could run into trouble if somebody were born on February 29th. I’m not certain how the formula would behave in that case.

I hope this helps,



It worked!

Thank you very much! =)