Year to Date Calculation: Calculate a sum

I’m hoping to add up the total sum of [Payment].Amount to [Invoices]
However, I want to filter by the date of the payment, so i am only calculating payments for this calendar year.

I think this might be possible already. But I can’t crack it.

     Payments.Filter([Payment Date] > 2020-01-01).Sum(Amount)

Any ideas of how I can filter the Payments buy days after January 1st?

Hi, Enoma! :hugs:

The problem is that for now you can only compare fields of the Type, but can’t add your own specific date, like in your case😥
Your request looks good and reasonable, so we’ve added it to our backlog and I will text you back, once it will be possible.

Thank you :heart:

Sounds good!
I came up with a temporary workaround until then:
create a date field where & manually input the first day of the calendar year for the payment (this can be a formula later when the functionality exists).
When configuring this field, “Start of Year” set the default value to the start of the year.
so then the formula will read [Payment Date] > [Start of Year]

We’ve added Date function in the latest release

Date(2020, 1, 29)


:tada: this is fantastic!