Basic view possibilities?

Hi there! First posting. bear with me!

After playing with Fibery, with the plan to make my personal log and planning system, I immediately ran it to some questions. They again, led me in to a basic question:
Is it so that Fibery doesn’t have that many options for adjusting the views?
I would really like to…
In Table:

  • Wrap text in Name field.
  • Show Rich text fields, with some text and “…”
  • Pin the entity sidebar so that all entity data is visible fast, instead of clicking open each time.
    In Board:
  • Putting a custom date field on top of a card
  • Edit card directly. Name data (or other data) can’t be edited directly in card, have to open the entity.

Also expected the possibility to add buttons and editable lists or views and more detailed data stuff in documents, a bit beyond the “Insert Entity”

I might be way too demanding, just asking :slight_smile:

The way you build stuff in Fibery is amazing though. So fast to build quite advanced data relations with simple overview.

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Hi, thank you for posting!

Let me answer some of the questions.

All good suggestions! Indeed all these things are not possible yet. We have plans to address 1-2 and 3. However, direct editing on a board is not in plans so far.

Here are relevant posts

This is somewhat in progress, since we are working on Blocks in docs and when they will be ready what you mention here are just various types of blocks.


Thanks for your fast answer, Michael.
Great to see that you have som much going on. Looking forward to further updates!

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