Are Space-based permissions broken?

Either I am misunderstanding how the current Space/group based permissions work, or something is broken.

Here you can see that the “Credentials” space grants Editor level access to Users in the “MANAGER” group:

Here you can see that “Susan C” is a member of the “MANAGER” group:

So why can “Susan C” NOT open a Credentials entity? She can certainly see all the Credentials fields in this table view:

Does the problem persist after a refresh?
It does look a bit strange, since if it were really true that Susan C had no access to Credentials #1 then I would not expect it to be visible in the grid view.

Now Susan has “Read-only” access to the entity (and can open the entity view)…

Better, but still not right (she should have Editor level access).

OK, I figured it out - Susan was a Guest User :roll_eyes: