[APPROVED] Mention notification UI improvement

Several of my collaborators have individually mentioned that the notifications for mentions is not so optimal because the indication icon (small orange dot) is too little.

Problem right now is that so small and unnoticeable that you have to learn to check it rather than noticing it on your own.

In addition, it is a bit confusing having old read notifications show in the same list, even though they have lowered opacity and don’t have a small blue dot indicating not being read.

Could the old read notifications be hidden in a “Old notifications” tab or something?


Hi, Martin :slight_smile:
Thanks for the request. Your vote is counted :wink:
We have notifications improvement in the future, but unfortunately no eta for now.
If there will be any progress from our side - I will text here with the update :hugs:

I agree, this is critical for project and task management, especially with multiple team members or across teams.

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Just wanted to reply in here as well as I’d really be glad for any further guidance on Notifications improvements, and related Actions/Automations. I see @Oshyan that this was in fact the very first topic that prompted you to post in here. I think the response we have here from the team is about the last I’ve heard of any plans, and hard to say that was anything concrete:

Really want to add my vote for prioritization of this essential feature of Fibery!

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Yes, I would really like to know more about the plans for notifications too. I went into implementation and use of Fibery knowing of this limitation and accepting it, but in practice it has proven to be harder to deal with than I hoped. Fibery is still a big improvement for us in many respects, but it is hard-hard-hard to keep people “situationally aware”, on task, etc. And I include myself in that! My list of open tasks seems to only grow as every time I look at it I generally have something to add and see things I should be dealing with but have been neglecting. :grimacing:

Unfortunately the response I got from @Polina_Zenevich on Intercom back in July was not that encouraging (and post-dates her response here):

Hi, thank you for the feedback! Indeed this feature requested a lot. We have it in the backlog, but no near future plans so far…

How about an update @mdubakov?

Thanks Oshyan, obviously I third this and would love for Michael to chime in with some guidance. This is a real blocker for me, too, possibly my largest!

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Wanted to flag this up again, this well-written comment describes the problem I am having on a daily basis, too:

For context, I am really missing the concept of a “Watcher”:

In most Work Mgmt stuff like Jira, Asana, etc. you can be added as a “watcher” and you get notifications about key activity in an Entity, for example a comment that is not specifically @mentioned to you, or when status changes. In Notion, you can be added as a “share” and at least you get some notifications, like when comments are made. So they have this in some format as well.

In Fibery, the only way I can let somebody know about an entity is to force @mention them. So it’s awkward if I have somebody I’d like to keep abreast of an Entity who is not the assignee. I have to go into comments, @mention him/her, and say "we just moved this from “planning” to “execution,” otherwise they won’t know.

I’ll add that with the actual existing of a Workflow Extension, it seems there is a lot of potential in Fibery that would be superior to Notion or Coda, which don’t have any concept of “workflow” unless you build formulas and make workarounds. So I am really hoping the Workflow extension can pick up some integration with Notifications - soon! - as this is something that really plagues my team on a daily basis.


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I hope we will get back to Notifications somewhere in Jan 2021, maybe earlier. Main things to improve will be:

  1. Make @mention work in rich text comments
  2. Include comment text with notification
  3. Add Watch functionality to get notified about changes in watched entities

I am super excited to see this affirmation by @mdubakov as these are some of my particular pain points, in fact issue that keep me from being able to fully commit to Fibery with my team.

To this point:

We have noticed that this seems to work sometimes, at others not:

  • In the “Notifications” area in the left menu, some of our mentions have the comment, others don’t
  • We get that at times in Email Notifications, but not always. We can’t figure out when that happens
  • In Slack Notifications, the comments appear to almost always be included with the @mention

This is absolutely among asks at the top of our list! Without this, we have to do the awkward excessive of @mentioning all users we want to see what’s going on in an entry with each and every comment, which at times can be 10’s of comments in a given Entity. Although this isn’t actually a Feature Request, this would be handled by this feature.

So excited to see this is on your guy’s radar!