Apply context filtering to all levels of hierarchy in a view

Formalizing a request based on the conversation here: Struggling with Context Views

The quick summary, is that in a list with multiple levels, I want the lower levels to have the context filter applied to them, not just the top level.

I was really hoping the new “group by” option would potentially solve this, but at least in it’s current experimental form, it’s not particularly useful for me.

There’s at least 4 solutions to the same issue, and I would accept any of them:

Option 1 (Ideal Solution):
If a context filter is applied to the “All Databases” tab, automatically apply the same filter across every level in the hierarchy.

Option 2:
Add ability to add a dynamic context filter on every level in the hierarchy.

Option 3:
Allow formulas in filters, so filtering logic can be done manually with formulas

Client.Sprint = [This Sprint]
Program.Sprint = [This Sprint]
Release.Sprint = [This Sprint]
Iteration.Sprint = [This Sprint]

Option 4:
Allow multiple levels of “grouping”, so the context filter can be applied to the lower level and all other levels are just “groups” that inherit their context from the entity at the bottom.

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This is also something that’s not working properly in our space.

Example use case

  • Show ‘my projects’
  • Show only ‘my tasks’ within that project

That’s currently not possible and that sucks :zipper_mouth_face:

To be fair, that use case is covered, since Assigned to me can be used at any level.

But if you mean a context view where the Project and its Tasks is filtered for a specific user, then indeed, it is an example of context filtering at multiple levels.

Yes, I wasn’t very precise :sweat_smile:

I meant ‘my project in this period’ (= relation) and ‘my tasks for this period within that project’.