Appending an entity name if an rich text field is not empty

Hello Fibery Folks,

I have the following challenge that I need some support with. Some of the entities in my database contact a rich text description. I’d like to run a rule or a script that would let me do the following:

  • If the description field of a particular entity is not empty, append this entity name with [D] at the end.

I need this because when I share notes from interviews with customers I want to notify the readers which entities in the notes contain some additional information so that they open them. Otherwise it would be too troublesome to open each of them to see if they have a description filled out.

I’ve looked up out-of-the-box conditions and actions for rules but I haven’t found anything matching there.

Do you have any ideas how to do it?

take care

Have a look at this topic and see if you can make use of the info there:

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