An archive or failure Workflow state?

Seems like workflows seem to be designed to go from 0% (not started) to 100% (done)

How would one account for super-states / alt-states like “archived”/"backlog’ or “failed”/“rejected”?

For example in software dev a feature request can have the following states: requested (0%) → planning (25%) → working (50%) → in-review (75%) → completed (100%)

It can also have ‘super-states’ which may temporarily or permanently take the prospect out of the default state flow. Example: getting moved to backlog, or getting closed for various reasons

Another example is in a simplified CRM workflow: outreach (0%) → proposal (33%) → negotiation (66%) → closed (100%)

This would also have ‘super-states’ which may temporarily or permanently take the project out of the default state flow. Example: getting moved to rejected

A final real-life example is we are trying to track the status / state of our clients from Proposal (0%) → Onboarding (50%) → Active Client (100%). But what happens after the relationship with the client ends?

I added the Former Client state and the state icon seems to go back to 66%? Should I just move the Former Client to first and have it be 0%?



You could create a Formula field of Text type that will return an icon of your choice - or a formula field that returns a number/percentage, based on your calculation (to use as a replacement for the State icon).

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Interesting approach. When I briefly tried adding my own custom icons it seemed like the default icons remained (the incomplete circle or the check mark). Was I supposed to hide them somehow?

See here:

Being able to customise the colours/shading/icons for workflow states would be useful.

It’s worth pointing out that you can create your own ‘workflow’ using a single-select, with your own choice of colours/icons.
What you lose with that method is the ability for the assignee to be notified of a status change, which the workflow extension automatically provides.

See also these discussions:


Wouldn’t this be fairly easy to setup with Automations once Notifications are a part of it?

And this would mean that the workflow extension becomes nothing more than a generic pre-fab version of what can be set up manually.
Of course, I don’t know if the team have plans for the extension that would confer additional benefits that can’t be achieved otherwise :-?

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Final state

Here is how you can decide which State is the final one.
As for the setting a State based on the Formula calculated Progress, there are two variants (as correctly mentioned)

  • Text formula, that would write the status based on some conditions
  • Wait for the Automations

Archive Feature is in the backlog, but now sure would be delivered soon - as you can always add such a State Manually :slight_smile:


There can be more than one state with ‘Final’ checked, right?
So e.g. an ‘Archived’ state can also be shown with a tick.

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You can have as many Final States as you need :hugs:

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