Allow Name Formulas for Views

Since views can be very specific (filtered) it would be quite useful to be able to name them to reflect their specific nature.

Hi, Matt!
But you can put the name manually - could you please share some cases, Formula name will work better? :slight_smile:

@Polina_Zenevich , Use case:
When I create a Table view within a Smart Folder, to be visible for all entities, there are many “virtual” Views created (one for each entity). However, there is only one definition of this view, and therefore only one Name that is common to all.

I would like to give each of these "virtual " Table Views a unique name by formula, so I could include the entity name (or other fields from the specific entity).

Ah I see, that is a good point. If you have many “Open Tasks” views, each created in a smart folder for each entity, then searching for and referencing them from docs would be a little ambiguous.