All to-many relation list blocks lost hierarchy

All of my hierarchical levels reverted to first level only for every to-many relation block on entity pages. Very confused on what I could have triggered to cause this. Across different databases and spaces.

To my understanding, the only way to correct this is to delete the first level types that should be hierarchical and re-add them. Which will delete the fields formatting settings for all of them. This will take some time to correct back to the way I had it - does anyone know why this happened so I can avoid doing it in the future?

Edit: Looks like this is likely bigger than me. The to-many relation blocks on entity pages are not allowing any list hierarchy.

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I can confirm all of this.

I had made a lot of customizations on this which now seem to have been lost. Not complaining as this was always experimental, but would be nice to be able to get things back the way they were previously.

We think it’s a frontend bug, and we have a fix in progress :crossed_fingers:

Update: fix rolled out. Please check if there’s still any problems.

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