Advanced implementation in OKR’s

Hi again,

I’ve been studying your OKR app, and generally I’m a proponent of OKR’s and how to manage them as comprehensively as possible in an app.

I’m curious if you guys would consider as you build out this App the ability to bring in some real data into the “KR’s” so they can update dynamically. I notice your proposed use of KR’s progress is to enter that manually. I see a lot of other apps, Coda among others with their OKR template, doing the same.

This strikes me as a bit non-dynamic. As the Objective progresses, say over the space of a quarter, the KR must be updated manually by the team so the progress just “moves along” when viewed in the KR entity. I think it would be great if there were some automations, or maybe formulas and roll ups coupled with some vizidrop data perhaps? that could update these fields dynamically, and via some updating mechanism, such as an automatic annotation in comments or the activity string. Or maybe an associated “update” entity? For example, you have the OKR of “move run rate from $2k to $8k month. Would you currently just go into the Key Result every few weeks and change the number by hand? This is something that strikes me as prime for automation.

Curious what you guys think about this, and thanks for listening!

@B_Sp In fact this is a very cool idea, but implementation demands automatic rules in Fibery. In some cases data is external, like NPS score in some system we use to track it. And we will have to update it automatically. For some cases we can use formulas for sure. We’ll keep this in mind, since automations is weakest part of Fibery so far

@mdubakov, thanks, glad to hear you guys think this makes sense. Just to follow on my point, I think it would be great if you could have the data that you are tracking with the KR pull into Fibery and self-create an entity if it meets a threshold. Another example: Your KR is to reach x visits. You pull in your Google Analytics on some timeframe, and then create an entity each time with the actual number. That number is then calculated with a formula to show the % you are close to the actual goal of traffic you set in your KR. Then even perhaps you could set an automation for some other activity if you reach the goal.

Hope that’s another useful case. Thanks again!