Additional special characters in database names + notice of what characters are allowed

Seems like database names are only allowed to use ‘-’. Would be great if we could have more options for other characters in database names if technically feasible.

Closely related, it would be great if the error message ‘Please do not use “[insert your no-no character here]” character’ also told you what characters are allowed - could just add the sentence. ‘Only “[allowed characters list]” is/are allowed.’

Emoji and some Unicode characters are allowed in Space names and DB names :grinning:

Yes, it would be nice to know exactly what the limitations are :+1:

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Right, it is a bit clumsy there right now.

allowed characters list

Not feasible as we support most but not all Unicode.
The question often revolves around !@#$%^&*_+= characters and those we restrict.

We will look into making this easier.

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@itsu, could the message explicitly state what’s not allowed, which seems like a short list, instead of what’s allowed, which is a very long list?

As we support most of Unicode, we restrict the other part.
That’s also multiple pages of characters :frowning:

Maybe we can focus on a commonly used list of special characters and display all of them in an error popup, instead of just cherry-picking a single invalid one.

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