Add UI shortcuts for editing Types, etc

A few UI shortcuts would be very useful when editing Types or other elements:

• Double-click an existing Field => open/edit it.
• Escape => Cancel editing a field (or whatever is topmost editor).
• Ctrl/Cmd-Enter => Accept edits and Close a field (or whatever is topmost editor).


Hello and Welcome @Matt_Blais!

I believe you may be referring here to trying to click in single-select fields, such as a Parent Entity within a Child Entity’s Details? If so, you can do that by holding Alt + clicking.

This took me a bit of time to see when I first started with Fibery, but glad for its existence. However, after being here for about 1 1/2 yrs, I would like to be able to simply click these without the need to find “alt” (which usually involves looking down on the keyboard since it’s not a commonly used key).

If you’re talking about something else, apologies and sorry I couldn’t help!

Thanks for the tip. But actually I was referring to editing Type definitions. You must use the three-dots menu image to edit a field, which is cumbersome, compared to being able to double-click the field.