Add table as a field

Great that you can add tables bit would be a bit cleaner if you could have a table as a basic type. This might be similar to how pages with blocks are created.

I have a documents entity that I want to be able to track change logs in accordance with 13485 and 9001 so have created this.

My guess is that you will benefit from the work we are doing with blocks and entity view. We plan to allow relationships (collection fields) to be displayed in different ways (board view, timeline, table view, etc.).
So potentially, an entity would relate (one-to-many) to a collection of ‘versions’, and each such ‘version’ would have the fields you need (who, date, version number, what, etc.).
You can create a new version the collection (perhaps using automations if needed), and the change log would be a table view of linked versions, sorted by date I imagine.

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