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Currently, it’s not possible to search by fields. For instance, we have a Hiring app with Candidates. Two fields: Email, Phone. We can’t use search by these fields. That is super uncomfortable. We have to add email to the card and use CMD+F to find the person.

Agree the search needs some love.

As I input more and more data in Fibery, not being able to search properly become a very big pain point, one that prevent me to use Fibery with my team, and still as a PoC for now.
At minimum:

More advanced:

Analytical search:


Any updates on this?

I had a similar issue. Coming from Jira where the search language is quite robust, I was wondering about how to construct filters/searches in fibery that look into the activity history of an item. For example this would be a JQL query I might use to find issues completed by particular people within the last 2 weeks.

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I see how to construct filters in fibery based on current field values or dates, but not on past activity data.

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@mdubakov @Polina_Zenevich do you have any updates or plans about the search? That is very important feature when you have many records. Our HR asks every week when we can do a search by email or other fields in the “CRM”.

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So far we can’t provide any estimate unfortunately. Can HR use filter for this case? It will work quite good


Good idea, thanks! But please think about this.

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This would be a great help.

I appreciate nothing is simple :wink:. We had a similar issue in some of the systems we build for customers.

To address this, before adding something into the index we munged together the text fields into a new indexable field. This meant that the index can be searched for any text.

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Super helpful! Thanks @Matt_Blais !