Add existing entries to board view

Board view is fantastic!

As well as being able to + ‘new [item]’ to a location on a board, please can we add existing items?


Given that a board view will show all existing items in a particular database, unless a filter is applied, what are the existing items that you want to add? :confused:
Can you give an example of how you think it should work for the case you’re thinking about…

Sure. We have boards in smart folders, which automatically filter items. Because they’re not on the board, there’s no easy way of dragging them in.


  • New [item]: Allows you to search the [item] database OR create new [item]

So you want to add an entity that is currently being context-filtered out (by the smart folder)?
And by doing so, you would effectively be changing the value of this entity’s relation, i.e. changing its parent…right?

In this instance, the parent has a many - many relationship. It would be adding an entity to the relationship, not changing it.

If it were many (entity) - one (parent) relationship, then it would change it. A dialogue box (“You’re changing the relationship, do you want to continue?”) might then be useful.

Understood. We’ll note this idea.

Thanks :pray::pray::pray::pray: