Add/Del - Workflow

Several times installed / uninstalled the workflow extension of one type. Now I can’t remove the App, and every time I add a workflow, the drop-down list is duplicated

@Fabien So far we did not reproduce this problem… Do you have any additional details? Did you try to reset cache in web browser?

Flushing the cache really helped, but for the type Task, the workflow was no longer available.
If possible, check out the URL:–Dep–SiteHost/Ideas-140#Task/312321-6
telegram: @fab244

I have found the same issue after deleting the workflow extension on two types within an app (Employee Management).


  • I can’t create worklfows on those types (it is grayed out).
  • I can’t delete the types. It says “workflow/state was not found in type Human Resources/Position”
  • I can’t delete the app. It says (Unable to uninstall app - workflow/state was not found in type Human Resources/Requisition.)
  • I can’t rename the app