Access the current user in a formula

Is there a way to know the current user in a formula?

This would be to show to a given user if she has already voted for an idea or not.
I can devise some ugly workarounds… but it would be great to have a nice way to do that.

It’s not possible.
In general, one should expect that what is shown in a field (including the result of a formula) will be the same irrespective of who is logged in and viewing it.
Formulas are calculated on the ‘backend’ and and given that two people can be simultaneously viewing the same formula field, there could be no ‘correct’ value.

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In the case of a Rule or Script that is triggered by a user’s interaction with a field (e.g. Button), it could be very useful to allow the Rule/script to access the user.

The value could be blank/null for cases where a Rule/script was not triggered by a user.

It’s already possible, sort-of:

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It looks like it’s available as CurrentUser in Template and Scripts, but not directly in Rules or Formulas.

Yep, you need to use a script to make the most of it.