Ability to set single-select formula value?

When you install the software development app, it starts with “Severity” and “Priority” single-select fields on the Bug type. The options have names like “High”, “Medium”, “Low”, but they also have a number value that’s accessed in a “Pain” formula.

I’d like to do something similar for the Effort field, but I can’t find the option to set/edit the number value in the UI, and the API is vague on how to create an enum with number values. My schema has “Development/Value” as a type, but when I try to create an enum that uses it I get “Field Development/Value was not found in type Development/Effort_Development/Story.”

Is there a way to set these number values using the API?

This is tricky. You can add Value field to Single Select as shown below. In fact Single Select is just a Type under the hood and you can add as many fields as you wish and access them via Formulas or API

good answer

Aha, that did the trick! Lovely, thank you :relaxed:

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This is a great feature. Wish I’d known about it sooner.
Given that a single-select is just a type under-the-hood, is it possible to link a single-select field to more than one parent type? Or even the same type more than once?
Sometimes it’s useful to have the enumerations defined once but used several places…

Also, @mdubakov is multi-select also just a type under-the-hood? Seems like it.

It is not possible to link a single select field to more than one parent type. Otherwise things can go crazy :slight_smile:

Multi-select is also just a type.

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