A few should-be-easy Rich Text features to add from Remirror - HR, mixed lists, collapse lists

I may be wrong, but it seems in the recent monthly blog you made the terrible mistake of showing us that you use and thus can implement things from Remirror. With that in mind I consulted the list of other Remirror features and now demand some of the best of them which, since they already exist there, I thus assume and hope should be “easy” to add. :wink:

Please Add, Most Definitely, Yes

Horizontal Rule

Come on, it’s past time. :smile:

Look, even Discourse supports it, and they’re markdown zealots! :point_down:

Fancy List Stuff

Mixed lists (bullet with checkbox child, etc.)!


Collapsible list levels! Yes, please!


Please Also Consider (Bonus!)


This would be a great addition along with the coming, generalized “blocks in Rich Text”. Notion customers make heavy use of this feature, and the “dashboards” use case will be best enabled by this kind of more flexible layout options in Rich Text.

Resizable Generic Embeds (iFrame)

Nice to have, but not a must. Also see related discussion here.

Embed Entity “Card”

I’m not sure if this is actually what this Remirror feature is doing, but it sure would be cool to be able to embed an Entity “card”, similar to what you see in e.g. Kanban or Whiteboard, but in Rich Text. This would be extra especially cool with Columns, above. I know of course we can #mention an Entity and customize the Fields shown, so this is not a must or a massive improvement, necessarily. But Card View does have some advantages. Worth considering as a future option.

PS: sorry these are not all in separate requests, I’m short on time at the moment. I can break it out later if you prefer. But with the low # of votes there is frankly not so much incentive to do so. :wink:

Great list! :sparkling_heart:

I am leaving this comment here so others who cannot spare a Vote can show their support by Liking it, since it is not possible to Like the original post.


Mentioned it elsewhere but saying it again: Whatever is truly easy to add and increases functionality should be added in my opinion.

There’re no such things as “easy”, “quick win”, or “low hanging fruit”… it’s an illusion. Every addition has a cost (performances, consistency, UX, maintenance, …)

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That I can imagine, so that makes my comment before redundant.

Great list! Would really love/need a table of content :heart: That’s the only thing I really miss in compare to Notion!


Yep! I didn’t see ToC in Remirror though, and it’s a separate request that… I also made :grin:

P.S. Wow, a vote from MDubakov himself! :tada:

Didn’t saw it either :crazy_face: But it thought… let’s give it a try :wink:

You’ve got a vote! :partying_face:

You can add HR into rich edit via Shift + Cmd + - shortcut

2022-12-09 19.59.49


Great! And obscure! :smile: Is this documented somewhere? Why is it not in the / menu or the toolbar somehow? Does it not make sense to support the semi-standard — (3 dashes) converting to HR?


Yes, markdown supports three dashes — and most people use that without knowing markdown already. Good thing to implement that. Shift + Cmd + - shortcut is not a good idea for general (non tech) users.

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Quick note here
Iframe embeds are here :slight_smile:

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And columns were implemented recently :blush:

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Indeed! And both are excellent. And yet two that I thought might be easier, Mixed lists and Collapsible List Levels, remain unavailable. Let alone an actually discoverable horizontal rule command. Not even in the / menu! :face_with_raised_eyebrow: Oh well, I guess we can’t have it all :smile:

It is in the / menu now -

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Ohhh divider! Thank you. Did not even think to look for that, hah. Makes sense in retrospect, but it makes me wonder about “synonyms” for / functions. Maybe this is the only case where it matters, and regardless it’s a small concern, not worth dev time I’m sure. But perhaps in some glorious future where we have a full Command Palette, we could type either “HR”, “Horizontal Rule”, or “Divider” and all get the same thing. :grin: