Whiteboard views cannot be moved to a different Space

Unlike all the other Views, Whiteboard views cannot be moved to a different Space.

Hi @Matt_Blais
Could not confirm that, could you describe you case in more details or send attach a gif or video, thanks.

Occasionally it works, but usually it does not.

How do you inline a video here?


If you want to drag a view into a space that is not expanded (or has no views) drag onto the space name. Don’t try dragging into a gap between the space and the one below (that would be the place to drag if you were reordering spaces).

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Thanks. That is entirely too non-obvious.

I have asked a few time here, never gotten an answer

If you use a gif instead of a MP4 it will be automatically embedded just by dragging it.

Use a free tool like screentogif to capture your screen in a Gif format.

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