Whiteboard: Touchscreen/Stylus doesn't work

For some reason, fibery’s whiteboard just doesn’t take touchscreen or stylus input. This does not happen in any other website (Miro, ziteboard) so its not my laptop, it must be something with the way the whiteboard is coded.

When I try to draw a straight line, it just puts a dot where I started the line. I can’t get anything more than a dot or a small dash.

The only way it works is if I hold the right click button that is on the side of my active pen, but whenever I pick up the pen it shows the right click menu so it isn’t a fix, just a weird quirk.

I’m using a touchscreen laptop with microsoft edge as my browser.

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I had the same issue on my Surface, and then the touch screen stopped working :crazy_face:.

We’ve got a Win10 DELL with a touch screen, I’ll grab it and see if it has the same issue.

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