What is AI Command?

What is this?


Oooo this looks exciting!

It’s a sign that the robots are taking over, and have infiltrated your workspace :wink:

(or a sign that we are doing some experimentation but haven’t told anyone about it yet)



Hopefully something along these lines: Notion AI

If you’ve played with ChatGPT then you know how huge this can be. Imagine ChatGPT but with the context of your Fibery workspace.

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I think we have been imagining it :grin:


Wonder if I could build something like I did for my Obsidian notes (https://twitter.com/Sarah_A_Bentley/status/1611069576099336207?s=20&t=5ig3GB5czj5Fmyetflqr-w) but for Fibery (using Make maybe?). While I’m just a small fry here I’m sure it would be a useful feature for businesses that have their docs in Fibery.

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Yeah, or as a general extension/addition to Search. With our real estate company we would have questions all the time that should be answerable with this kind of approach. We take fairly detailed notes for every meeting (twice/wk) and most things are discussed in those meetings. If I could ask e.g. “when did the buyer for property X cancel their PSA?” and get an accurate response that would be gold!


I bet this is possible now (with a lot of workarounds). Jerry even added Make.com hooks to gpt_index recently.

Having it built in though would obviously be wayyyyyyy easier.

It was not meant to be visible, sorry for that. In short we are going to add a possibility to create your own prompts for GPT-3. It will be a Macros support in general, so you will be able to write prompts like
"Summarize {{Description}} into a single paragraph"
"Write an email draft for our new important lead {{Full Name}} from {{Country}} that works in {{Company}} and tell how our services can help {{Company}} to save time with AI automation"

We are just experimenting, so please don’t expect anything major in the next few weeks.