We are moving User Guide from Intercom into Fibery

We’ve started move Fibery user guide from Intercom into Fibery itself.


  • Writing experience in Intercom is very bad.
  • It removes friction for us to keep user guide up to date and update it when needed
  • Our customers and leads will face Fibery UI in user guide and Fibery will be more familiar for them
  • We can interlink User Guide with Roadmap Items, Use Cases and future community area to collect requests, etc.

What do you think?


Yes, it’s perfect! :sparkling_heart:


Hopefully this will also encourage the development of the “link to a specific header/section” feature


My wish list is this:

  • Table of Content
  • Link to a header
  • NOTE, TIP, etc formatting
  • Back References in Docs

Perfect! Good move!
I like the current side-window of intercom help and hope that a floating help window would be possible, e.g. having found a few steps to follow, user can keep the help visible while doing the steps.

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Yes to all of this! I am happy Fibery is doing public-facing docs in Fibery itself now because it will help prioritize these valuable docs improvements. :grin:

By the way I would also say that the new “Panels” navigation is great for docs in particular. It’s almost better for that case than any other IMO. :smile:

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