View lookup fields in table views

I am beginning to use lookups to see the content from one type in another. In this example I have a VO type (its a Voice Over asset for which the final artefact is a file with the voice over in it. This VO is one to one mapped to a Text Block type. The text in the Text Block becomes the Script of the VO (i.e. we want a voice actor to record a VO of the text in our text blocks.

What I’d love to be able to do is see the lookup field in the table view, at the moment I can only view fields that are not derived.

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Hi, Anadin :slight_smile:
In fact, the problem is not in the LookUp field itself. In this case matters which kind of field did you “steal” from parent Type.

You used a LookUp for RichText field, and for now, Rich Text field can’t be shown in the Table View at all.
You can use LookUp for formulas, states, single select - any other field - and it will work.

Ah right thanks, In our case we do want it to be a rich text lookup as that is the source content. the formatting is used to infer emphasis etc.

You say “for now…” does that mean rich text may become visible in table view? :wink:

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Yes, in the future, but there is no even EST for now :slight_smile:
But your request is noted, and I will text you, once it will be ready :wink: