Use data or table functions inside a document

Hello all,

I am new in fibery, I tried notion and coda and most of the time I am working with coda.
It seems that fibery will answer all the issues I have but there is a function in coda that I really like and use is the power to make a function anywhere in a doc.
Is it possible with fibery ?

Thanks for your help

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It’s not currently possible, but it will soon be possible to embed views in documents - is that something that would help?
Perhaps you can elaborate on the overall use case…

on one side I have a table with my customers and the revenue per month.
on a document I am writing :

my customers generate 10 keuros in the last month.

the 10 keuros is the result of a formula that is doing calculation, filtering … so the document it always uptodate


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I too VERY MUCH want this in Fibery. :grin: Past discussion and Michael saying it should be possible here:

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