Upgrade Discource Features to include voting, tagging

Hmm, we seem to have lost this Theme Component?

it did not play nice with some other plugins…

Ah, that’s a shame. But good to know. In fact, since I hope to potentially use it on other sites, it would be good to know what plugins it messed with (also if you haven’t yet, you can report the issues in that plugin’s thread and they might be addressed).

Hi, how can we see the top features/bugs ranked by votes ? Thank you !

There is a “Votes” link in the top navigation when viewing a Category (like Ideas & Features). Here is a direct link:

If you look below the title of a Topic, you can see the Tag, and number of votes:

Individual Layouts for a node, hide fields etc
Ideas & Features - entity-view - 10 votes

Thank you for your answer, I saw that but I’m looking for a ranked list, i.e. the features listed from the “most voted” to the “least voted”

In a given category (e.g. Ideas & Features) there’s a dropdown to choose sort order. The default is Latest, but you can choose Votes if you want to see the most voted for.

OK thank you, I see it now, I didn’t understand it the first time sorry…