Unable to Delete Whiteboard Object

There are possibly a couple different. related bugs at play here:

Steps to Reproduce

  1. Create Shape on Whiteboard
  2. Option + Drag Shape to Duplicate
  3. When the shape is Dropped" sometimes two new objects will be created directly on top of each other
  4. One of the newly created/duplicated objects can be deleted. The other can not be deleted, either with the delete button or from the context menu’s “Delete” action.

I started my whiteboard using by editing the example “Connections” whiteboard that was created with the “Product Management” account creation shortcut.

Do the objects still remain after you have attempted to delete them and refreshed your browser?
Sometimes, I have noticed some display bugs whereby a deleted item is still visible until a refresh.

Hey thanks for sharing that. I’m unable to duplicate the issue at all now, so unable to test that condition. Maybe it was the result of some other fringe situation. And yes, I bet refreshing the browser would probably be a good way to “reset” certain local caches that might be causing odd conflicts. Thanks again!