[TOFIX] Bug? 'rank must be a number' error while try to drag card to another row in 'board view'

{ type: 'Software~Development/Task', id: '8b807350-055d-11ea-be5f-65c62d58a7f2', rank: null } 'rank must be a number'

Error after dragging card (task entity) to change ‘related entity’ (customer entity)
Another word, i try to change customer of task.

Previously, such an error has never appeared after the same actions!

i start drag from here

i try to put it here:

My console:

May be it is linked to issue [✔️ FIXED] Cannot reorder cards once certain rank is reached - #3 by Shafqat_Ullah but i can’t see “Recalculate button” on the same place.

And after that, i succefully move this card with no errors!