TOA Berlin 2023 (July 5-7) - tickets available

Hello community!

we have a couple of tickets for the next week’s - TOA (Tech Open Air) festival in Berlin that we can share with you!

If you’re interested in visiting Berlin’s largest technology festival and its satellite events, just let me know before Monday!

At TOA you will get a chance to explore cutting edge tech topics ranging from (of course) AI to web3 and how humans fit into the mix. There’re also large product management and Git related community events. The event is focused on startups, enterprise innovation and VC & art (each taking almost equally 1/3 of visitors).

We (as Fibery) will not have a satellite event this year but I will be there and I’d be happy to meet and chat.


Wow! Sounds cool! What are the conditions?

Hey Andrew, no real conditions - except that you must be Fibery user who will really attend the event :slight_smile:

Since you asked, any shout-out before and during TOA on socials would be highly appreciated! :wink:

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I’m in! What should I do?
Mentions in socials - is a must! :wink:

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Ping me with email (at and on Monday I’ll send you the code to redeem TOA Ticket and I shall see you there! :grinning:

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