[TO FIX] Copying rich text fields does not copy links to entities and docs

I want to be able to copy the contents of rich text fields and paste them into something like Word.

Copying rich text does not include inserted links to entities, views and documents when pasted outside of Fibery. Expected behaviour is that only the text will be there (not type icon, not assignee avatar, not workflow state.)

(This especially useful as we can have a link to a document, say, “Search manager” and link to it. If we rename that to “Enterprise search manager” it will change everywhere.)

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I also stumbled across this problem and it is a BIG problem. We heavily use loose relations via # and it is a great feature - but we need a way to copy a reduced (text only) version with the dynamic hashtags converted into text.


Hi, guys :slight_smile:
Many thanks for raising up this problem.
We will research the problem and will try to fix that. If there will be any update - I will inform you here :hugs:

Any update on this one @Polina_Zenevich. This is tripping me up most days now as more things are stored in Fibery and I want to reuse them with clients with the old CTRL+C CTRL+V

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Alternatively/additionally, an export to PDF and/or DOC(X) would be great.

Just going to link to this which I feel is related: