Sort View on Schedule

It’s frustrating when I’m updating items in a view and that item disappears and I have to go hunt for it, especially during meetings. For example a task board sorted by due date and changing the due date.

Is it possible with automations and scripts to schedule a view sort? That way every morning our task boards are sorted by due date, but when I modify the dates they won’t jump around.

Automations and scripts can’t really help with controlling view behaviours - they basically operate on the backend data, and don’t influence the UI directly.
You could do a kludgy workaround whereby you add a ‘temp’ field (which is updated to match the ‘real’ value on an hourly schedule say) and then sort on this field in the views, whilst showing the ‘real’ value for users to edit.
That way, you can mess with values during the meeting and not have the re-sorting occur until the scheduled automation.
It’s obviously an ugly and unsatisfying solution, but it’s the best I could think of.

Maybe not ideal, but it does work so thank you! We’ll use this for now.

To allow some flexibility, I also added a button on the state field that updates the sorting (specifically, it updates a checkbox that then triggers an update automation to the ‘temp’ field you suggested). This way the board is automatically sorted each hour, but if we make a lot of changes and want to see how it changes now, we can quickly click the sort column button.

Thanks for your help!

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