Show the difference in percentages between two entities in report

I want to show the difference in percentages between January and February.

Is that somehow possible in the report builder? Or do I need to create a formula in Fibery and then show that output in the report?


Try the DIFFERENCE function :slight_smile:


If I use that function, the difference (verschil) is shown in January

Is there also a way to show the growth in February? This is the formula that I currently use.

	SUM([Actieve contacten])
) / SUM([Actieve contacten])) * 100

When I change the sorting, the values are also changing. But in this case I prefer to see 46% instead of 31.51%. Plus ideally I want to sort descending since it will be a lot of entities after a few years (and I rather show all entities then filter <1 year entities)

The DIFFERENCE function always works down the list, so it shows the delta when going from one row to the next row below.
So I don’t think there is any way to have the sort order how you want and have the difference calculation how you want.
By the way, have you considered using a chart instead of a table? You could have the months on the x-axis and the number of contacts as vertical bars (i.e. a histogram)
Alternatively, you can add a filter to limit the data to the most recent 12 months…?

Then I think you need a formula like this:

(100 * DIFFERENCE(SUM([Actieve contacten]))) / (SUM([Actieve contacten]) - DIFFERENCE(SUM([Actieve contacten])))
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Yes considered it but IMO a chart is not very user friendly if percentages are the most important metrics.

I rather not since the overall growth for a longer period is also an important metric.

I create the metrics via a monthly automation. In that automation I now also calculate the difference and the percentage so I can avoid formulas and extra relations. And I use those values in the reports so that I can sort descending :smile:

Thanks for all the help!