Script Button Success Message

Having trouble making a button success message work. I have no issues making a throw error message work. What is the bare minimum script to return a success message? Let’s say all I want a script to do is to return the message below, what does the entire script look like?

return `Example success message`;

Any help is appreciated, thank you!

return `Example success message`;

should indeed be enough.

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Interesting! For me, this does indeed work but only if the script is the only action. If I have an update action before or after it, the return message does not work.

For me, it works if the script is the last action of an automation.

Very interesting. This wouldn’t work for me until I deleted all actions within that button and recreated them. Now it works. I tried to recreate this issue, but can’t seem to. No idea what was going wrong, but I appreciate the help!