Request: πŸ†” Default or Formula Field for Entity's 'Fibery ID'

+1 Request to use formula or have a default field to display real fibery/id on entity.

Currently, if we want to use API to programmatically select enums ― you have to know the fibery/id of said enum. And the only way to get a fibery/id for enum selection is via specific entity query.

It would be amazing to have the ability to show fibery/id of entity directly on the entity, similar to public/id, so that we don’t have to run separate queries to find the fibery/id.

Also, since we are using fibery as a backend ― it could be helpful to have fibery/ids visible on entities; since we can run Lookups to pull in other entities into the parent entity and use them from their, rather than running multiple queries.



Many thanks for the idea.
Added to the backlog.
There some pains (like even if we will add a hover that will show you the system fields, it will not help you in fact), so we will think how better to handle your request!

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