Prioritizing entities (rows) on board

Is it possible to prioritize f.ex. Features at the board where Features are selected as a horisontal lines?
(It’s possible to prioritize features in a separate view, f.ex. Features by state and then it will be solved in other boards, so the question is in possibility to do this in another boards, such as USs combined by Features in horisontal lines, etc.)

Yes, it is possible now with the Extension “Rank”. Many entities come with this extension installed. If the entity you want to order doesn’t have the Rank extension, you can install it in the edit app screen.

Hi! I have been playing with reordering entities - for now I can see that this seems only possible on the board and not in table view. I don’t see any “rank” extension however. Was that removed with the newer iterations, as I see this post is about 9 months old, and I know you guys have changed a lot of stuff - for the better mainly I might add! - between now and earlier days of the Beta.


@B_Sp All entities have Rank by default now. Indeed so far you can prioritize things in Board only, but we definitely looking into it for Tables in future as well

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