Order entity type in timeline view

Maybe a dumb question, but here it is…

How can you make sure that a type of Entity appear on top of another in the timeline view?

Here I have a type called “Épique” and another called “Saga”. Épique are child of Saga. I don’t understand how to make Saga being sorted first that the Épiques after.

Any ideas? :stuck_out_tongue:



It’s not a dumb question :slight_smile:
The way that entities are arranged on timeline is kinda complicated.
You can use a sort (and in your case, you could add formula fields that function as a sort of ‘path’ to the entity, so an Épique might get the name of its parent Saga plus it’s own name, or something like that) but after sorting is applied, there is a ‘clever’ algorithm that then tries to fit entities next to each other on the same row if their dates don’t overlap.
Depending on what your dates are, this can mess up your intended sort.

Overall, I wonder if it would be better for you to just show Épiques on the timeline, but add grouping by Saga. That way they would each fall in a dedicated horizontal ‘swimlane’.
Unfortunately, this causes you to lose the representation of date information for the Saga itself.

As a workaround, you can actually create an auto self-relation for Sagas (one-to-many, matching on Public ID) so that a Saga belongs to itself(!) and can then also be shown on the timeline, in the swimlane group for itself.

Does that make sense?