On a scale of 1 to oh please god don't

How inefficient is this technique?
Since you can’t query a database from a field formula, but you can follow relations…

  1. Have a “all data” table with 1 row and a column per other linked table

  2. Have a “all data” many-to-one column in each linked table, with every row populated

  3. Have a rule for each table to set the column whenever a new row is added

  4. Access all your data from any formula (including fields)

It’s not a 1, but it’s not god-worrying :slight_smile:

To be honest, I find an easier method is to add a formula field (called “X” or whatever) which is just the value true.
Then create a self-relation (many-to-many) which uses automatic linking where X = X. Now, every entity is linked to every other entity in its own database, and you can do formula queries on the whole db easily.

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nice to know that link is persistent, I assumed it was a one off thing to populate existing rows

Does “X” need to be a formula, or is that only to prevent accidentally changing a value so it no longer matches all?

It’s a formula to ensure that it’s read-only (even though it is a static value)

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