Need help on Connection lines in Whiteboard

Hey all ! I am quite new to the tool , @Oshyan from the community has been highly influential in bringing me into Fibery for task and project management as a team . We are currently using the tool to manage our Discord and Discourse Communities and are also fanning out into community management consultancy services .

So , my question is regarding the connection lines that are possible in the whiteboard . TBH , i haven’t played around with this much and hence forgive my naivety . I have noticed that depending on how we drag the connections from an entity to another , the arrow changes and usually it denotes the opposite direction that it was drawn from, is there a specific methodology or reason behind this behaviour ?

Also , there are at least two different colours of connection lines (blue and black) , what do they denote ? Is there any material that i could read to get to speed regarding these ?

Thanks !


I rarely use whiteboard, but did some quick testing.

Not sure why the arrow is opposite direction, but the colour occur when dragging to a type that has a colour. The target Type’s colour is used.

Black connection seem to occur when not both are Types.

Black arrow when not both entities exist to begin with.

Not sure about the logic of the last two. Could be some missed consistency on Fibery’s part.

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