Need for better visual indicator that a field or header is collapsed

The case of the Collapsed Field

What do you see here? An empty Description, right?

ā€¦ but it is not. It is actually collapsed.

There is no clear indication that a field is collapsed or not.
I myself am a experienced Fibery user, but I am afraid to collapse fields and then miss information on a page in collapsed fields, which I may not see at first glance. It already happened a lot.

The case of the Collapsed Header

Collapsed headers in rich text fields have a visual indication (the little arrow) but in my experience that is not enough, since I often wonder why text disappeared and then I have to realize there are tiny little arrows in frot of headers that have rotated in a tiny little way, hardly recognizable. In practice, I am afraid to collapse a header for that reason.



A valid feedback indeed! We will consider it when making improvements to Fields on Entity Views, thank you!