My first sessions. Am I doing everything right?

Hi there! I am new to Fibery as of Jan 29, 2020. The concept is so inspiring, still mastering Fibery appears a challenging experience. I wonder if senior adopters will be interested to see what a newcommer does and suggest better practices for him/her to proceed in a more effective manner. Hopefully, this may be found helpful by other new users ahead. Cheers!

Here goes the link to the video of my first session:
Mostly an introductive one to understand the business tasks I tackle.

The second session is devoted to making custom app

And here is the third session, which is the last for now

UPD: Please use these test creds to login to lookback
Pass: ALWAYSblue!
Not the best option, my bad. Still a temp solution. Will figure it out shortly)

@Aliaksandr_Smirnou It seems you have to register to watch the videos… Not the best experience at

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Thanks for pointing it out. Have provided test creds as temp solution, will figure out the better way to deal with it shortly.

Hi @Aliaksandr_Smirnou. I wasn’t able to view your loopbacks, but I just followed-up a post of mine where I try to explain some of my own experience setting up my Fibery and getting a feel for the approach to the structure:

It’s rather long, but I thought it might help you understand some basics around how to think about relations, and where your entities should be set up.

I wish you luck in your implementation! I am eager to hear more from fellow first adopters of this great tool!