Money field type with currency selector for each record

Currently there is Number field type where we can choose Format = Money and then choose a fixed currency for this field.

Proposal: separate field type Money which internally consists of two pieces: a number part and currency, so user (Editor or Contributor) can choose currency while input new data item.

Use case:
I have a database of invoices, we make invoices in difference currencies: EUR, USD, CNY, …
Currently I can’t use Number, Format=Money, because I can’t fix one currency. What I do: I create two Fields: 1) Number, Format=Number 2) Single Select with currency selection.
Disadvantages: formatting. Currency column (Single Select filed) separated from Amount part, looks not so good as Number, Format=Money.

Use case 2:
I do plan expenses and income (budget), each row can have it’s own currency. For example:

I don’t think there is any way to have individual Fields configured differently per-Entity. I could be wrong but I would guess this is a very challenging and unique requirement in general. Your explanation of why it is useful to you here makes perfect sense, I’m just saying that the capability that would enable it - ability to configure each Entity’s fields differently within a single DB - seems difficult and unlikely to be implemented.

As a workaround, if it is primarily about aesthetics, the desire to have a single currency field for display, then you could have 3 fields (I know, this is adding yet another field, hah):

  • Currency type
  • Amount
  • Calculation field which concatenates values of Type and Amount together to make a nicer display of actual value in correct currency


  • USD
  • 53.20
  • $53.20 USD

You could even add the currency symbol based on value of the Currency Type field, I believe, e.g. “If Currency Type = USD, $”.

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Nice idea to use calculation field! Thank you.

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