May 9, 2024 / Smart Sections and 15 quality-of-life updates

This is a relief, thanks for clarifying!

Perfect! Relevant for us too.

Not exactly clear what all these terms mean practically, can you name some examples of features? If you say “feedback” I think of public facing forms that can gather feedback? “Product discovery” what does this mean?


feedback = information from customers/leads about what they do/would find useful and what they like/dislike.
It includes things like the topics in this forum :wink: as well as customer support chats, interviews with potential/existing users, random discussions on reddit, reviews left on G2/Capterra, etc.

product discovery = collecting feedback and combining with other signals (market info, competitor analysis, etc.) in order to make an well-informed decision about how to utilise developer resources


I am very relieved to hear this :slightly_smiling_face:

Not sure where @Oshyan is but they might like to be aware of this as well. Would love to see some thoughts from you on this thread.


Glad to hear that it was perceived in good spirit, even if it was a surprise to probably all of us here… :slight_smile:

Thanks for explaining again! While Fibery never struck me as company that would just take an axe to working functionalities per se (or that you all focus on niche), it’s great to hear not just that Fibery as an OS for business hasn’t changed, but also that the additions are all considered generic improvements that ripple out through the platform.

Also very happy to hear that polish and improvement is happening in parallel.

While nothing fundamentally new, still great to hear. And hope that autumn 2024 brings more clarity. To new heights! :muscle:



I would also love to see linked Workspaces. :heart:

If this was possible, it would change how I build in Fibery - e.g., I would create separate Workspaces for each department within the company. This would be an obvious design choice for me if it was possible (and workable) to relate DBs across Workspaces.

But I understand this might not be practical - I can’t even imagine how the (very awesome) permissions would work! :exploding_head:

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What do you gain?

I will dedicate a new topic to that, because I think it is a key feature that has its risks and merits, but unavoidable in the growing need for decentralized governance in network organizations and self-organizing departments and close collaboration with partners (which direction society currently has). As said, Fibery has already an edge here but it reuquires thorough thought how to do that. All use cases you can think of, will be affected by the current trends in this direction so this is a high level strategy.


  • To make the UI more simplified and focused on a single department’s needs.
  • To simplify the internal workings of the aspects of the system that are only relevant to a single department’s needs.

I know this isn’t practical, and arguments can certainly be made for keeping everything in one Workspace, but without any support for subclassing/polymorphism/dynamic entity views, I find it impossible to do “simple things” like make entity views that are tailored to different audiences.

If my “Client” DB has everything in it that every dept might possibly need, including many relations that are only relevant to one dept, then the DB becomes huge and bloated – and more importantly, so is the single entity view.

I can work with huge, bloated DBs :skunk: but expecting every employee to do so is another matter. :confused:


Great feedback, thanks.

We will deliver ‘multiple entity views’ later this year, so hopefully this will go a long way to addressing some of your challenges.