Matrix View for relationships

It would be nice if it is possible to have matrix views on Fibery. My use case is the following:

In our company, we define weekly goals that are linked to quarterly goals (same with daily and weekly goals). We now use excel to match them, however, it would be nice if we can do it on Fibery.

For the Weekly vs Quarterly Goals Matrix, we need a clear view of all quarterly goals at a company level, and the possibility to define on this view our weekly goals and mark which ones are related.

My content is in Spanish (I’m from Peru), but I hope the idea is clear.

It sounds like you would be well-suited to define a quarterly goal type, a weekly goal type and a daily goal type and link them in order (one to many) Q → W → D.
I terms of views, you might want to use smart folders maybe with table views at each level, and/or a hierarchical list view.

Sounds great, I haven’t thought about it. I’ll try on a couple of hours. Thanks.

My use case for a matrix view:

I have an Issues DB and a Solutions DB, related many-to-many.

I want to visualize which Solutions are related to which Issues. A matrix is perfect, with each row being an Issue, and each Column being a Solution, allowing me to see where all the relationships are.

Similar to a board view, where the rows are the Issues entities, and the columns are all the Solutions entities, and a “card” is present only where an particular Issue (row) is related to a particular Solution (column).