Labels/Tags for Entities

I love the way labels are used in github/gitlab.

It would be great to have a label field type in Fibery with the ability to manage colors etc for the labels applied.

Then, of course, it would be necessary to be able to search and filter by applied labels. Even a cross-entity label search/filter/board might be good.

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Nice yeah. Perhaps even as an entitiy. I for instance might use them as ‘Themes’ and have them apply to Epics/Stories/Tasks etc. ?

This is basically, Tagging, as it exists in TP.

Tagging is definitely a very useful feature and need not be a type itself. Tags can be attached to entities of any type.

How to make key word tag in wiki , so that one can find it in wiki docs quickely via search if possible of any item in tables of any etentity .Can field be used as tag or not

I have actually been wondering about this with some challenges I’m trying to figure out organizing Fibery connected with entities having various containers. I just posted about the ability for entities to have multiple types associated as a way to solve this potentially, although this may be something that is fundamentally against the basic framework of Fibery.

I have found most implementations of tags wanting, so if you guys do go down the road and relase Tags, I really hope they will be as well thought out as the rest of your app - things like hierarchy, some good tie in to Types, and so on.