How to boost companies' intelligence? (neocortex analogy)

How to boost companies’ intelligence?

It’s not clear how the neocortex appeared. One theory states that it appeared by duplication of the same structure over and over again, forming a quite uniform connected superstructure in a brain. And only then intelligence appeared as a side-effect. It’s a very appealing and beautiful theory since the neocortex looks almost the same in all regions.

What if a tool that makes companies more intelligent works in a similar way?

  1. It just should be used as a single tool for work and knowledge accumulation by all people in a company. Similar structures in every team first. Something very simple like docs, notes, tasks.

  2. Then structures start to adapt to teams, mimicking their processes, connections grow between knowledge in one team, then between different teams. Eventually, the whole company has a single connected space.

  3. With time this space gains more knowledge and more connections, forming an environment where intelligence can born. The value maybe not be visible initially, but it may be a sharp increase of value later.

This tool should be uniform in its structure to spread across the organization but should be able to evolve into sharp specific structures that execute exact functions really well. It should have few building blocks that can evolve into complex structures.

The tool should avoid opinionated approaches, avoid complicated things, but focus on base structures and connections.

Overall, it’s even not a tool, it’s an environment where tools for thoughts will appear, grow, evolve, and die.

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There is a nice podcast with Jeff Hawkins that I recently listened to that talks about some of this:

They don’t seem to find agreement about the existential risks of artificial general intelligence, but the discussions of the neocortex are quite interesting.

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